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What type of material do you use?
We only use metals of high quality- 14k gold fill or sterling silver which are hypoallergenic and nickel free. Our pieces are tarnish-resistant and can last for years with proper love and care.
What is gold filled?
Gold filled metal is a solid layer of real gold that is mechanically bonded to a base metal, usually jeweler's brass. Gold filled metal has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry so unlike plated jewelry, it will not rub off or tarnish easily so it is perfect for every day wear. Gold filled jewelry is an affordable option and the next best thing to solid gold.
Do you ship worldwide?
We ship to most countries! Please be aware of sizing before ordering as all international sales are final and cannot be exchanged. We use standard US sizing. For more on our shipping policies, click here.
How do I figure out my size?
We strive to be as size inclusive as possible.
We offer rings in sizes 1-15, earring stud posts in 9mm or 11mm, and necklace chains in 15"-21".
Ring sizing - We have two options for ring sizers. A free version that you can print at home here. Or a reusable version that can be purchased here.
Necklace sizing Use a measuring tape or any type of string to measure the length of how you would like the chain to hang around your neck. Keep in mind that necklaces with pendants will hang longer. 
Bracelet/Anklet sizing - Use a measuring tape or any type of string to measure the length of how you would like the piece to fit to your wrist or anklet.
How to polish, clean, and store.
For a quick polish and shine, use the micro-fiber cloth that is provided in your order. To clean, soak your piece(s) in a mixture of warm water and mild soap and brush with a soft toothbrush. When your piece(s) are not being worn, store them in a dry, safe place.
Permanent jewelry is a service we offer by appointments in our Gainesville, GA studio. You choose from a selection of our dainty 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain that we custom measure to fit you and your body. Then, we spot weld the chain on with no clasp. Giving the idea that the jewelry is 'permanently' on and cannot be taken off without the clasp. We only use the highest quality, tarnish-resistant material that allows for your jewelry to be worn 'permanently'.
If you do have permanent jewelry from us and find that you need to remove it, simply cut the chain at the jump ring that holds the chain together and keep it. We’ll happily re-zap for you at your next appointment!
Please note
As with all jewelry, our dainty chains are not indestructible. Please wear with care! Weak links are inevitable and there is always a possibility that your chain can come apart. If this happens, your first re-zap with us is free within 30 days of purchase.
We are not responsible for stretched/broken/lost chains or any allergic reactions to metals. Changes in body chemistry and wear can cause 14k gold fill or sterling silver to tarnish over time.
To book a permanent jewelry appointment, click here.
Interested in booking permanent jewelry for your private event/party/shower/wedding?
We would love to add an extra spark to your event! To book permanent jewelry service at your event, click here.
What about sustainability?
At Rising, we strive to be as earth-friendly in our processes as possible. We use and re-use materials that are compostable and/or recyclable. From re-using packing material that gets sent to us from our vendors + suppliers to only using compostable clear baggies + recyclable jewelry boxes/mailers/boxes, we want to lessen our mark as best as we possibly can. 
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